1963 Magnatone Americana 262B Custom


Vintage Magnatone amplifiers have become very desirable for modern guitar application because of their great tone, pitch shifting vibrato effect, and looks that kill. Magna Electronics became Estey Electronics in 1961 and subsequent amplifiers were badged with an oval plaque with its new branding. They continued to make amplifiers rebranded with other names including Panameric, Noble, and Americana. 

Make and Model: Magnatone Americana 262B Custom

Year: 1963

Specifications: ~35 watts all tube output, two 6L6 power tubes, two 12" Oxford speakers

Originality: All parts original except replaced power transformer, tubes, electrolytic capacitors, grounded power cord. 

Condition: Good! The bottom right corner took a knock but overall the cabinet is clean and stable. 

Playability: Excellent! The clean tone is thick and musical. The pitch shifting vibrato is really captivating. Both speakers are strong with no tears or voice coil rubbing. 

Service: Full service from the amp technician I've been working with for years now. It had a blow power transformer when it came in so we sourced a proper replacement. We updated all the electrolytic capacitors and installed a grounded power cord. It operates quietly now and shouldn't need service any time soon. 

Notes: I had been looking for a Tonemaster branded Magnatone for a long time but ended up finding this Americana branded beauty. It's a fantastic amplifier with thick clean tone but really shines with the pitch shifting vibrato. I'm confident you'll love this killer 1963 Magnatone Americana Custom 262!

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