1957 Gibson A-40N Mandolin

Vintage 1957 Gibson A-40N Mandolin


Gibson's A-40 mandolin was the brand's entry level A shape mandolin from the late 1940s until about 1971. It features a solid carved Spruce top and laminate Mahogany back and sides. The late 1950s examples feature a more pronounced V shape when compared to the 1960s more rounded C shape. This one exhibits the black painted back of the headstock terminating at a point often call the Stinger.

Make and Model: Gibson A-40N

Year: 1957. FON prefix "U"

Originality: All parts are original to the mandolin except for replaced tuner buttons. The tuning machines themselves are the original single line Klusons.

Condition: Excellent! This is a very clean example in the cleanest chipboard faux alligator case I've seen. I observed no issues, breaks, or repairs. 

Playability: Excellent! The neck is straight, action is proper with room for adjustment either way, and there is no observable fret wear.

Notes: This spectacularly clean vintage 1957 Gibson A-40N has just come in from the nephew of the original owner. Its only issue was that the original tuner buttons had long since crumbled. I installed new buttons, restrung and performed a simple cleaning and set up. That's all it took to be back in to top playing condition. It's ready for the stage, studio, or collection!