1943 Gibson J-45 2314 40-0031943 Gibson J-45 -- I'm thankful today for the gifts of freedom and security provided at great cost from our veterans. This guitar is a small reminder of what that truly means. It was built during WWII when many men- both draftees and volunteers- risked all to fight for these gifts. Women and families also sacrificed back home to make sure our men were provided the tools to achieve victory. This guitar was made from what was left after materials restrictions claimed many necessary construction resources like quality Spruce for tops and steel for truss rods and sturdy tuning machines. Despite the materials shortcomings, these guitars are prized for their near magical acoustic tone as a result of the light and precise build by the dextrous women and skilled older craftsmen who manned the factory after the men left to join the war effort. "Only a Gibson is good enough" because of the sacrifice of so many. Thank you veterans, we are truly thankful for your service.
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