Coming soon to 1971 Maestro Echoplex EP-3, 1972 Echoplex EP-3, 1984 Ibanez TS-9, 1966 Gibson ES-330 with case, and more. We are very excited to bring vintage tape echo machines, vintage guitars, drive pedals, amplifiers and more to market. We strive to find the cleanest and best condition pieces possible. All guitars, amps, pedals and tape echoes go through a thorough inspection, adjustment, repair, cleaning, or whatever is necessary to bring them to top aesthetic and operating condition keeping in mind that vintage originality is paramount. All of these pieces are fresh out of retirement which means they haven't been circulated and played for the majority of their lifetime. We specialize in vintage Fender guitars and amplifiers, vintage Gibson electric and acoustic guitars, vintage tape echo machines from Echoplex and Roland, vintage pedals from Ibanez, Boss and others. What would you like to see us stock? Leave a comment to let me know. Do you have a vintage guitar, vintage tape machine, vintage amplifier, or vintage effect pedal to sell? Contact me here to let me know what you've got. I'd love to hear from you.  --TVG   EP-3s TS ES330-014
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