This very rare 1961 DeArmond R15t just cruised through the shop. The DeArmond amp line consisted of the R5 and the R15, both available with or without tremolo (hence the "t" designation). The CF Martin company contracted with DeArmond in the 1960s to buy wiring harnesses and R5s and R15s to rebrand "MARTIN" model 110t or 112t. The R15t is a great competitor to the tweed era Fender Tremolux amplifier. The DeArmonds are known for having a little heavier transformers that allow for just the right amount of headroom before breakup. This one was an excellent example that I was proud to own for just a short while. I'm always looking to buy DeArmond and Martin amplifiers. Do you have one for sale? Contact me here and send pictures of your amp. I'd love to check it out. 1961 DeArmond R15t J1-1227-006 1961 DeArmond R15t J1-1227-014
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