The Fender Princeton Reverb Amp 1964-1967

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Posted on September 22 2014

The Fender Princeton Reverb Amp 1964-1967

Vintage Fender Princeton Reverb-Amp

1966 Fender Princeton Reverb-001   The Fender Princeton Reverb-Amp was introduced in 1964 and has become one of the most desirable vintage amplifiers ever made. The Princeton Reverb makes about 12 watts of all tube power through a single 10" speaker. It has both reverb and tremolo functions that can thicken up your tone and add a little ambience. The blackface cosmetics lasted until late 1967. 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb-009   The Princeton Reverb uses two 6V6 power tubes and two 12AX7 preamp tubes for the main amplifier circuit. The Reverb and Tremolo functions are powered by a 7025 and another 12AX7. The 6V6s are wired in push/pull configuration similar to a Fender Deluxe. The rectifier tube is a GZ34.


The reason these Princeton Reverbs are so widely desired is their great tone and versatility. These amps have that great clean tone that the blackface era amps are known to have. Add a little reverb and it's clean tone heaven. But, you've got to crank the amp up just a little to the sweet spot between clean and crunch to deliver the goods. The driven tone is smooth but gutsy enough to please any rock and roller. These amps are really perfect for any guitar heavy style of music from blues to rock to country and everything in between. Their size allows them to be comfortable at home, in the studio or at a show with a microphone out front. 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb-032

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