Want to learn more about me? Check out this recent article by my friends Chris and Eleanor for Guitar.com. I was thrilled when they reached out to talk about the guitars I've bought, collected, and sold over this past year. We met in a great loft in Nashville this past summer to talk about how the passion for collecting vintage guitars grew slowly into a hobby then full time career since 2014. It was the perfect timing for an interview since I had just purchased some of my most exciting vintage guitars and amplifiers to bring with me. 

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Interview Guitars:

1954 Fender Stratocaster

I purchased this 1954 Fender Stratocaster from the niece of its long time owner only a few weeks before the interview. It's the finest condition first year Stratocaster I've ever seen with very low miles on it. Of the three general sections of first year Stratocasters (early, middle, and late), this one falls in the late year production having had its electronics installed by Virginia on October 11th, 1954. It's a spectacular playing example that I'm thrilled to have. Want help with dating a Stratocaster? How to date a Fender Stratocaster.

1959 Gibson EDS-1275

This 1959 Gibson EDS-1275 Double 12 doubleneck guitar is the rarest vintage Gibson I've ever owned. This section of early doubleneck guitars from 1958 until about 1962 is referred to by Gibson guitar collectors as a Spruce top doubleneck because of the incredibly unique construction style among Gibson guitars. Gibson used a thick, carved Spruce top with no sound holes, thin but hollow body, with a flat laminate Maple back to construct the body. About 46 examples of the six and twelve double necks were made with the Spruce top construction until the model was redesigned to the doubleneck guitars we know today made of solid Mahogany like an SG. 

1953 Gibson Les Paul Model goldtop

This late 1953 Gibson Les Paul Model is the cleanest vintage Les Paul I've ever had, so I had to bring it along for the photo shoot. I bought this guitar from the granddaughter-in-law of its original owner. The oral family history is that it was purchased for use in a church band and played for a short time before going back to the purchaser. Her husband's grandfather wasn't a guitar player so the guitar sat in its case under the bed for decades. 

Since this Les Paul was from late 1953, it had the same specifications as a 1954 Gibson Les Paul goldtop with the desirable increased neck pitch. It's completely original including the incredibly clean goldtop finish. If you're looking for help with how to date a Les Paul, check out Gibson Les Paul Serial Number Lookup

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