This vintage Gibson Firebird V 1964 has just recently come through the shop and was excellent example of a golden era Gibson guitar. Correctly identifying a Firebird model and year of manufacture is important to finding out how much it's worth. Values for Gibson Firebird guitars depend heavily on the year they were made and the exact model. Since Firebird model names aren't written on the guitar, sometimes it take a Gibson guitar expert to accurately identify them since the models changed over time. 

As a Gibson guitar buyer, I'm always on the hunt for the best examples of Gibson Firebird guitars from the 1960s. If you're curious about how much I would value your Firebird then you can contact me here: Sell a Gibson. Or if you're looking for help with how to find the year by serial number then check out the Les Paul Serial Number Lookup page. 

Gibson Firebird Reverse values and dating 1964

Gibson Firebird Years

Finding the year that a Gibson Firebird was made is not an easy task using the serial number alone. Gibson introduced the Firebird range of models in 1963, completely redesigned the range in 1965, and finally discontinued the Firebird range in 1968. The Firebird V model was reintroduced in its original Reverse body style in 1972 as the Medallion Firebird, then again in 1976 as the Firebird 76. Gibson serial numbers were not necessarily sequential and repeated multiple times throughout the 1960s and 1970s, so they're not the best way to find the year the Firebird was made. They're just one part of the equation of accurately identifying the guitar.

We can find the year this Gibson Firebird V was made by using its serial number and features. It has a Reverse body style (neck through) which could only date to 1963-1965, 1972, or late 1970s. It has trapezoid inlays, two nickel covered mini humbucking pickups, and a long metal plate covering the tremolo with a Lyre symbol engraved (many call this the Lyre Vibrola). These features identify the model as a Firebird V, or Standard level appointments. It can't be a Medallion series Firebird because it never had on. It can't be a Firebird '76 because the Firebird symbol on the pickguard doesn't have the blue and red scheme with "76" in the logo. The serial number falls right within the range we would expect for 1964. The potentiometer codes indicate that they were made during the 17th week of 1964. 

If you have a Gibson Firebird from 1964 or any year from the 1960s then I'd love to take a look at it. You can contact me here: Sell a Gibson

Gibson Firebird V 1964 years and values

Gibson Firebird Values 

The value of a Gibson Firebird depends on the exact model, year it was made, color, condition and originality. If you're interested in finding out how much I would value your Gibson Firebird then contact me here: Sell a Gibson. There were 6 Firebird models made in the 1960s if you include the two bass models. Gibson Firebird models are identified by their roman numeral name: I (one pickup Reverse), II (Bass model), III (two pickup/short vibrola), IV (fancy Bass model), V (pictured here), and VII (three pickup gold hardware). The values for each model are different based on the production figures and demand from collectors. You can click the contact me button at the bottom of the page to get help with accurate model identification.

The next step in finding the value of a Gibson Firebird is accurately identifying the year of manufacture by serial number and potentiometer codes. The serial number can be helpful if you already know what range of years it could have been made during. You can also use the potentiometer codes, if they're original, to help support the year indicated by the serial number. Get help with serial numbers here: Gibson Firebird serial numbers.

Like most collectibles, the condition and originality also heavily effect the value of a Gibson Firebird. The finish, pickups, and neck stability are the most important parts that can effect the value. A refinish will drop the value by half, changed pickups maybe only by a third, and a neck repair by half at least. 

Gibson Guitar Buyer

As a Gibson guitar collector and buyer, I'm always on the hunt for nice examples of Gibson Firebird guitars. I am looking for all models and all years from the 1960s and 1960s. You can contact me here to sell a Gibson.

Gibson Firebird guitar 1964 worth and values

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