Gibson's Trini Lopez Standard was one of two artist signature models made in in partnership with Trinidad "Trini" Lopez in the mid 1960s. Trini was a guitar based pop artist and occasional actor who was active in the late 1950s throughout the 1960s. Trini unfortunately passed recently and will be dearly missed. 

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You can check out more pictures of this nice example here: 1968 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard guitar

This 1968 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard has survived in excellent condition and is an excellent example of the model. It's very similar to Gibson's ES-335 model except that it features a six on one side headstock similar to that of Firebird line of guitars, split diamond fretboard inlays, diamond style body holes instead of typical F style holes, and Rosewood tailpiece insert with engraved black black-white-black plastic decorative plate. All other specifications are the same as the ES-335 including the solid center block body with hollow wings and twin humbucking pickups.

1968 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard guitar

I was lucky enough to acquire this beautiful example of the Gibson Trini Lopez Standard from the daughter of the original owner outside of Silverthorne, Colorado while on a buying trip. It was amazingly well preserved with its hang tag inside the original hard shell case! Its only flaw appeared to be a large area of finish reaction and bubbling on the back of the body. It's likely that the guitar was stored away for a long time sitting on top of a vinyl chord book. 

Vintage Gibson Trini Lopez Standard electric guitar in Silverthorne, Colorado

Trini Lopez Model black plastic plate Gibson guitar 

John Shults


let me know when you run a cross a lefty please !

— Jay Skolnick

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