1962 Vox AC10 Fawn

John Shults

Posted on January 23 2021

vintage 1962 Vox AC10 Amp Fawn


This amazing 1962 Vox AC10 amp with original fawn covering came through the shop last week! It's a fantastic example with original blue frame speaker and copper top control panel. I'm always a vintage guitar amp buyer but I'm especially looking for 1960s Vox amps. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Vox amp

I was very pleased with the edge of break up and overdriven tone of this amp with a humbucker guitar. It had a nice flat frequency response that was pleasing and not overly loud. I wasn't a huge fan of its clean tone but I didn't miss clean that much after playing it! 

copper top control panel JMI vintage Vox guitar amp

vintage Fawn covering Vox AC10 amp blue speaker

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