I'm thrilled to be the next owner of this 1960 Fender Jazzmaster in original Sunburst finish purchased in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. It's a spectacular example of pre-CBS Fender craftsmanship! I'm always a Fender guitar buyer but I especially love the offset guitars like the Jazzmaster and Jaguar. You can contact me here to sell a Fender guitar

The first question the seller asked me was how old is my Fender Jazzmaster? We used the serial number, the neck heel pencil date, and the features to date this Jazzmaster to 1960. You can learn more about Fender guitar dating here: How to date a Fender Jazzmaster.


This 1960 Fender Jazzmaster weighed 8lbs 1oz which is fairly light for this time period. The neck profile measured 0.76" deep at the first fret and 0.98" at the 12th fret. That's pretty slim down at the first fret but tapers to a nice fullness up at the 12th.

Fender Jazzmasters debuted in 1958 with a thick slab Rosewood fretboard (check out this 1958 Fender Jazzmaster) and it lasted until all Fenders were updated to the thin veneer fretboard in 1962 (Check out this 1963 Fender Jazzmaster with veneer fretboard). You can spot the thick slab fretboard at the end of the neck near the truss rod nut as well as up by the headstock. The slab fretboard curves out toward the tuners, but the veneer curves in towards the body. 


John Shults

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