"...two chrome plated "Super Humbucking" pickups with individual volume controls | 3 position toggle switch for pickup selection...| Coil tap switch to place either humbucking pickup into a single point non-humbucking mode...." -- 1978 Gibson catalog  

Make and Model: Gibson ES-335TDW

Year of Manufacture: 1979, serial 71989xxx

Specifications: Two (tar back era) Humbucking pickups with factory coil tap switch on the upper horn (1976-1980 feature), 24 3/4" scale length, neck depth at the first fret = .77", depth at the 12th fret =  .99", nut width = 1 11/16", 8lbs 3oz, neck relief .002".

Playability: Excellent. Full fret height with no evidence of wear. The neck is straight and the angle to the body is proper. My cleaning procedure included a light wipe down of the body with a dry cloth, clean and lubricate the switches, input jack, and all four potentiometers, clean fretboard, polish frets, restring with .010 D’Addario strings, adjust truss rod to .002″ relief, adjust bridge height.

Condition: Excellent. The finish is a dark Walnut stain that is free of finish checking.

Repairs or modifications: None. None necessary.

Notes: This clean ES-335 has survived in excellent condition and is ready to be played professionally. The original case is included along with the original warranty card from Gibson and business card from the shop where it was purchased. It's a lovely playing example that sounds killer. I'm confident you'll love this clean 1979 Gibson ES-335TDW!

1979 Gibson ES-335 Walnut headstock

1979 Gibson ES-335 Walnut back

1979 Gibson ES-335 Walnut back of headstock

1979 Gibson ES-335 Walnut original case

1979 Gibson ES-335 Walnut with original hang tag, manual

1979 Gibson ES-335 Walnut interior label ES-335TDW

John Shults

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