This clean vintage 1968 Gibson ES-330 TD guitar in Sunburst finish with pickguard logo came through the shop last year. It was a fine playing instrument and an excellent example of the ES-330 model. I'm always a buyer for vintage Gibson guitars but I especially love the ES-330 model. Please contact me to sell a vintage Gibson guitar. 

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From the 1968 Gibson catalog, "Everything's going for you with this beauty. Big Gibson sound with twin adjustable pickups. A thin silhouette that's easy to play. Slim, fast low-action neck with full 22 frets. A great guitar to give or to get. Brilliant Cherry or Sunburst finish." Gibson updated the ES-330 model in 1967 to have a 19th fret neck joint like the ES-335 instead of the previous 16th fret neck joint. Still, the '68 ES-330 is a very different guitar than the ES-335 in that it's fully hollow and has P-90 pickups instead of humbuckers. Players will find it to be lighter, warmer, and a bit more prone to feedback at high stage volumes when compared to an ES-335.

This clean 1968 Gibson ES-330td with rare pickguard logo ('68 only) has just come from the family of the original owner. It's in excellent playing condition with a straight neck and full height frets with virtually no playing wear. All parts appear to be original to the guitar except the strings. Our cleaning included a gentle wipe down with a dry cloth only since it was too nice to polish. We're including the original coily cable and rare black Ace strap with the guitar. We're confident you'll love this clean 1968 Gibson ES-330TD!

1968 Gibson ES-330TD pickguard logo

1968 Gibson ES-330TD pickguard logo back

1968 Gibson ES-330TD Guitar black back of body

1968 Gibson ES-330TD Guitar headstock, Gibson logo

1968 Gibson ES-330TD Guitar pickguard logo

1968 Gibson ES-330TD Guitar back of headstock, tuners

1968 Gibson ES-330TD Guitar fretboard, fingerboard

1968 Gibson ES-330TD Guitar in original case

1968 Gibson ES-330TD Guitar

John Shults

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