1976 Fender Princeton Reverb

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Posted on August 08 2019

"...Princeton Reverb: a performance driven favorite among students and teachers... |12 watts RMS power with 26 watts peak music power | Heavy duty wide range 10" speaker for true-tone reproduction | Authentic built in Reverb." -- 1972 Fender Catalog Make and Model: Fender Princeton Reverb Year: 1976, Output transformer code "-606-6-05" (5th week of '76), Power transformer "-606-6-02" (2nd week of '76), Potentiometer code "-606-6-02" (2nd week of '76) Specifications: pre-Pull Boost, 12 watts all tube with tube rectifier, 10" Oxford speaker, two 6v6 power tubes in push-pull configuration Originality: Appears to be 100% original except for a reproduction footswitch. Condition: Excellent. This amp doesn't appear to ever have been gigged. The grill cloth shows slight discoloration. Performance: This amp performed beautifully during our 10 minute test that ended up lasting for 30 minutes :). NotesThe mid 1970s Fender Princeton Reverb amps are easily the best value tube amplifier on the vintage market. The circuit didn't change significantly from 1964 until the pull boost was added in 1978. They're still hand wired with quality components and easily repaired when they wear out. Today's reissue Princeton Reverbs don't sound the same and are manufactured with a printed circuit board that's prone to failure and requires total replacement. Hand wired amps are easily repaired by a qualified technician for the rest of your lifetime. May it be long and filled with killer Fender tone.

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