1975 Fender Telecaster Custom Natural

John Shults

Posted on April 14 2021

1975 Fender Telecaster Custom Natural guitar


This vintage 1975 Fender Telecaster Custom in Natural finish with wide range humbucking pickup in the neck position came through the shop a few years ago. I'm always a Fender guitar buyer, but I'm especially looking to buy Fender Telecaster guitars from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. You can contact me here to sell a Fender guitar

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"Telecaster Custom: 6 string solid body electric guitar - A new version of the famous Telecaster guitar!.... Two pickups - the standard "Tele" lead pickup and the new humbucking rhythm pickup." -- 1972 Fender Catalog    

Make and Model: Fender Telecaster Custom

Year: 1975, serial 654xxx. Check out How to date Fender guitars.

Specifications: One pice Maple neck/fretboard with bullet style truss rod and three bolt/Microtilt neck joint, 25 1/2" scale length, 1 5/8" nut width, .86" neck depth at 1st fret, .9" depth at the 12th fret, 6.42k ohm bridge, 10.38k ohm neck, 8lbs 2oz, Ash body.

Originality: All parts original to the guitar except the volume pot (1980 date code, CTS brand), one string tree screw, and the strings.

Condition: Excellent. This guitar has been played but well taken care of. There is some light fret wear but nothing that impedes playing. Light wear on the edge of the fretboard is also present.

Playability: Excellent. I've just completed a full set up and it's a joy to play. Both pickups are full and strong with good output. The truss rod works perfectly.

Notes: It's so rare to find clean vintage Fender workhorse guitars like this so I snag every one I come across. This one has been played but carefully preserved. It's even got its original case, hang tags, bridge cover, and case key. I'm confident you'll love this clean 1975 Fender Telecaster Custom.

1975 Fender Telecaster Custom Natural with tags

1975 Fender Telecaster Custom Natural

1975 Fender Telecaster Custom Natural headstock

1975 Fender Telecaster Custom Natural body with bridge cover

1975 Fender Telecaster Custom Natural 6 saddle bridge

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