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The Gibson SJ-200 acoustic guitar model was introduced to the public in 1938 after a short run of three guitars for singing cowboy Ray Whitley. At $200, it was the most expensive flat-top guitar in the Gibson line up. Gibson purchased the Epiphone company in October in 1957 and received many unused parts from Epiphone's New York factory. Some J-200 guitars made in 1958 received special tuners with an epsilon logo that was turned into a G for Gibson. Grover tuners were used on J-200s after Gibson ran out of G logo tuners. Current production figures estimate that 131 J-200 guitars were made in 1958.

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This 1958 Gibson J-200 comes from the family of the second owner. We were told their relative received the guitar in lieu of unpaid legal expenses. No one in the family played the guitar so it sat unused for decades - until now. It has survived in wonderful original condition and even retains the rare original epsilon to G tuners. All parts appear to be original to the guitar except the strings. The finish exhibits moderate wear with a few case lid dings. The frets are in excellent shape and the neck angle too is excellent. We can find evidence of at least a bridge reglue but no other repairs are evident. We're confident you'll love the tone and playability of this gorgeous 1958 Gibson J-200.

1958 Gibson J-200 Sunburst

1958 Gibson J-200 Sunburst, body in case

1958 Gibson J-200 Sunburst, headstock


1958 Gibson J-200 Sunburst, open mustache bridge

1958 Gibson J-200 Sunburst, back

1958 Gibson J-200 Sunburst, headstock

1958 Gibson J-200 Sunburst, back of neck, Epiphone epsilon tuners

1958 Gibson J-200 Sunburst



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