This killer vintage Marshall Lead-Bass 20 watt guitar amplifier came through the shop last year. I'm always looking for clean vintage Marshall amplifiers and cabinets so please contact me to sell a vintage Marshall guitar amplifier.

We're thrilled to offer this clean Marshall Lead-Bass 20 Watt no. 2061 (edit: sold!) ! You'll find no mention of the model in the catalogs from the years it was available (1968 -1973) but The History of Marshall: the First 50 Years indicates that it is listed in circuit diagrams from Marshall. The 2061 utilizes two ECC83 preamp tubes and a matched pair of EL84 power tubes with a solid state rectifier. It was hand wired throughout its production run and was reissued recently as the 2061x.

This clean 1972 Marshall Lead-Bass 20 Watt no. 2061 has survived in excellent condition and has just been bench tested by our trusted amplifier technician. It appears to be original except for a replaced grounded power supply and replaced tube socket springs. The tubes are recent Tung Sol EL84s and ECC83s. Our technician cleaned the potentiometers and jacks and bench tested. It performed beautifully throughout our testing. We're confident you'll love this rare 1972 Marshall Lead-Bass 20w 2061!

1972 Marshall Lead-Bass 20 watt guitar amplifier

 1972 Marshall Lead-Bass 20 watt guitar amplifier

 1972 Marshall Lead-Bass 20 watt guitar amplifier

vintage Marshall Lead-Bass 20 original transformers

Lead-Bass 20 2061 Marshall guitar amplifier

Original circuit vintage Marshall Lead Bass 20 2061 amp

Marshall Lead-Bass 20 original chassis vintage

John Shults

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