This vintage 1971 Fender Champ guitar amplifier came through the shop a few years ago. I am always a vintage Fender amp buyer but I especially love the Champ amplifiers. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Fender guitar amp

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The Fender Champ line began as a single ended, class A amp making just a couple of watts through a 8" speaker in 1948 called the Champion 800. It underwent a few changes throughout the years but always retained the single 6V6 power tube delivering that smooth breakup and drive. The Champ platform became a recording guitarist's essential companion that was portable but reliable. The only other necessities were a good guitar and some refined chops.

This 1971 Fender Champ is in gorgeous original condition and can't have more than a few minutes of playing time on it. All parts are original, strong, and in beautiful cosmetic condition. I had to literally pull myself away from "testing" it out. There are few more satisfying circuits than the Champ. Even more satisfying is knowing that this is exactly what the amplifier sounded like right of that famous assembly line in Fullerton, California. Please take a minute to look through all the high resolution pictures of this gorgeous Champ. It's truly in gorgeous condition and is sure to please the discerning player or studio. This amp is guaranteed to operate properly without the smell of burning dust (edit: sold!)

1970s Fender Champ

Fender guitar amplifier

Fender Champ circuit, chassis

RCA tubes Fender amp

chassis build date stamp November 15 1971 Richard Hand

John Shults

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