This vintage 1966 Silvertone 1482 guitar amplifier with round baffle came through the shop a few years ago. I am a vintage Sears Silvertone guitar and amplifier buyer. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Silvertone guitar amplifier.

The Silvertone 1482 was introduced in 1963 and was one of the most popular catalog amps throughout the 1960s. The 1482 was very similar to the short lived 6G3 Fender Deluxe (brown face) with tremolo circuit but has a bit earlier break up than the Deluxe. Like the Deluxe, the 1482 is powered by two 12ax7 preamp tubes, two 6v6 power tubes in a push/pull configuration and a 12" speaker . It differs from the Deluxe in that it's voiced a bit darker and breaks up a little earlier. The 1482 came initially with a round baffle but was soon changed to the square baffle for the majority of its time, then back to the round baffle at the end of its run. The amp is very responsive and dynamic offering a range of playing styles all within the change in the player's attack on the strings. Personally, the 1482 is my favorite amplifier ever made. The 1482 came stock with Silvertone branded RCA manufactured tubes and a Fisher 12" speaker.

This amplifier retains all those original parts in perfect working condition. In fact, this amp is in all original condition with no repairs. The only maintenance done was some contact cleaner and lubrication on the potentiometers and a gentle tightening of the power tube sockets. Now it's in perfect working condition and functions like new. This 1482 is an absolute joy to play with no weird pops, volume swells or hum. It's loud enough to take to gigs but it's not going to peel the paint of the walls of your bedroom with ear splitting volume. The whole combination weighs only 21 pounds so it's easy to carry wherever it's needed. This amp is not a replacement for the Fender Deluxe but a completely different animal altogether. It's voiced differently and has a completely different clean-to-driven response. 

Vintage Silvertone guitar amplifier silver grey

Silvertone 1482 amp vintage

Silvertone branded RCA tubes

John Shults

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