This spectacularly clean Fender Jaguar 1966 vintage electric guitar in Lake Placid Blue Metallic finish came through the shop a few years ago. Vintage Fender Jaguars came in a variety of colors, but Lake Placid Blue is clearly one of my favorites. I'm always looking for nice examples of Fender Jaguar guitars so you can contact me here to sell a Fender guitar

I've been lucky enough to have a few custom color vintage Fender guitars come through the shop. Check these out:

Vintage 1966 Fender Jaguar Lake Placid Blue 

Vintage 1962 Fender Jazzmaster guitar Lake Placid Blue

How to date a Fender Jaguar

Knowing how to date a Fender Jaguar guitar is important to establishing its value. The Fender Jaguar debuted in 1962 and the original production run lasted until the mid 1970s. Here are the steps I got through for how to date a Fender Jaguar: Fender serial numbers, neck heel ink stamp, potentiometer codes, and features. Fender serial numbers are not the only way to date a Fender Jaguar since they're not necessarily consecutive and they're applied to a metal plate that can be easily swapped using only a screwdriver. This Fender Jaguar has a six digit serial number beginning with "166" on the plate with a large F on it. This serial number would indicate that it was made in 1966. 

We can also know how to date a Fender Jaguar by using the neck heel ink stamp. The neck heel ink stamp is found by removing the neck from the body which should only be done by a professional. The ink stamp on this guitar reads, "15MAY66B" where 15 = Jaguar model (not the day!), MAY = May month, 66 = 1966, and B is the standard nut width of 1 5/8". 

Finally, we can also use the potentiometer codes and features to date a Fender Jaguar guitar. The potentiometers are the variable resistors with knobs on them which allow the player to control the volume and tone out the amplifier from the guitar. The Jaguar has master volume and tone knobs on the lower treble side of the body. The codes are on the backs on the potentiometers accessible by removing the control plate. The code on the volume potentiometer reads "137 6637" where 137 is the manufacturer (Chicago Telephone Supply), 66 = 1966, and 37 indicates the 37th week of the year. 


Make and Model: Fender Jaguar

Year: 1966. Neck stamp: (15 = Jaguar model, MAY = May, 66 = 1966, B = 1 5/8" nut width), Serial number 162xxx, potentiometer code: 137-6631, 137-6637 (31st week of '66, 37th week of '66)

Specifications: Custom color Lake Placid Blue finish, Rosewood fretboard with neck binding and large block inlays, 24" scale length, .83" neck depth at the first fret, .93" neck depth at the 12th fret,  8lbs 13oz 

Originality: This clean Jaguar features an original factory applied Lake Placid Blue Metallic finish with matching headstock! All parts are original to the guitar except for the two screws holding the mute plate to the body, the mute foam, and the pickup height foam (originals included). The strap is not Fender issued but a period Bobby Lee "No Mishap" strap. I can find no evidence of other repairs except that a previous owner shimmed the original nut instead of filling the slots and recutting.

Condition: Very nice! There are a few spots of wear on the finish with spot touchup from long ago. There are two scratches between the bridge and tremolo tailpiece and one buckle rash spot on the back of the guitar. The frets show some honest wear but are still in nice playing condition. All electronics are original and have been cleaned and lubricated. They work and sound excellent.

 How to date a Fender Jaguar 1960s vintage original guitar

Fender Jaguar dating and values vintage 1960s

 Fender Jaguar 1966 guitar in Lake Placid Blue Metallic finish in its original case.



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