1965 Gibson Firebird III Frost Blue

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Posted on August 08 2019

Gibson Custom Color ChartLike Fender, Gibson painted some guitars with an assortment of custom automotive colors, a trend that peaked in the mid-1960's. Custom color Gibson solidbodies are few and far between, with Frost Blue an especially hard to find color. This collector grade 1965 Firebird III is one of only a handful of surviving Frost Blue Firebirds. Stored unplayed for decades, it remains completely original with no changes and no repairs, in outstanding condition. With three P-90 pickups, tremelo unit and a new body shape, the non-reverse Firebird III was Gibson's answer to the Sonic Blue Stratocaster. The pickups and electronics work flawlessly, including the unique slider switch to select pickups. The tone is clear and powerful. All parts are original down to the screws, and the guitar has never been repaired. It needed no work prior to offering it for sale and we are delighted to present this out from under bed find. Never broken, the headstock and neck joint are both completely intact. You'll notice some shrinkage of the original pickguard but the Firebird insignia is still strong and red. The finish is gorgeous and original with hardly a scratch and blacklights perfectly. Sometimes they really are this clean. Original hardshell case included.

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