Vintage 1953 Gibson GA-75W Guitar Amplifier

John Shults

Posted on March 30 2020

Vintage 1953 GA-75W guitar amplifier

The Gibson GA-75W was produced from 1950 to 1955 for a total of 1274 units according to shipping records. This was clearly meant for the touring professional audience as evidenced by the comparatively high output as well as the alligator clip ground on the original power supply cable. This rare amp has the best tweed era style drive and breakup of any such amplifier I've ever played including three different real 5e3 Fender Deluxe amplifiers. It uses 6L6 power tubes and 6SJ7 and 6SC7 preamp tubes to produce about 25 watts of output through an original Jensen P15N speaker. It's got nice thick, dark cleans with a light touch but easily drives into breakup. Thick, squishy breakup.

I'm always looking to buy clean vintage Gibson guitar amplifiers but I'm especially looking for the GA-75W model guitar amplifier. Please contact me to sell my vintage Gibson guitar amplifier:

This 1953 GA-75w came to me in all original and hardly used condition. It required just a few maintenance items to bring it back in to playing condition including a three prong power supply cable install, filter capacitor replacement, and new 6L6 power tubes. The original Jensen is in excellent condition and shows no signs of fatigue. The original leather handle was missing so I installed a replacement leather handle. This clean GA-75w is ready to go back in the studio, stage or your private collection. The original celluloid logo is still intact and in great shape. These logos were often made from leftover firestripe pickguard material from flat-top guitars. I haven't removed this one to find out. Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to speak to me directly about this clean 1953 Gibson GA-75w (edit: sold!)

 Large brown leather vintage Gibson guitar amplifier

Vintage 1953 Gibson GA-75W guitar amplifier

Control panel, Vintage 1953 Gibson GA-75W guitar amplifier

Jensen P15R speaker, Vintage 1953 Gibson GA-75W guitar amplifier

"Jensen AlNiCo V PM Speaker", Vintage Jensen P15R Speaker

Jensen P15R Speaker

"220235" date code, Jensen P15R Speaker, 1952

Original output transformer, Vintage 1953 Gibson GA-75W guitar amplifier

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