Vintage 1964 Gibson Firebird V Reverse

John Shults

Posted on June 12 2020

Gibson Firebird V guitar, vintage 1964


This vintage 1964 Gibson Firebird V electric guitar came through the shop a few years ago. I'm always a vintage Gibson guitar buyer but I especially love the Firebird guitars. Please contact me here to sell a Gibson guitar

Gibson's Firebird models mix their traditional design sense with just the right amount of modernism. Part Explorer, part Les Paul, yet still completely unique, the reverse body Firebird features neck-through construction and the curves of a classic muscle car. The Firebird V model is the ideal blend of fancy appointments (check out those Les Paul trapezoid inlays) and functional electronics, made famous on stage by Johnny Winter. With just a few hundred made, the reverse Firebird V is a rare guitar. It's rarer still to find an unbroken and unmodified one like this.

The previous owner purchased this Firebird V in 1983 at a guitar show and kept it safe at home because it was too nice to take out on the road. A Sunday driver with low mileage. Completely original with no breaks, no repairs and no modifications, even the solder joints have never been touched. All we had to do was set the action and intonation, no repairs were needed. We did not even clean the guitar, preferring to leave the original patina. With two patent number mini-humbuckers and the familiar two volume, two tone control layout, you will be right at home the first time you pick it up. The tone is full and aggressive, and extremely rewarding to play. The 1 11/16" nut width and "just right" medium neck profile are why 1964 Gibsons remain popular to this day. The nickel hardware has oxidized to a pleasing dull color, including the Gibson engraved Lyre tailpiece and Kluson banjo tuners. The Firebird logo on the pickguard is mostly worn away, and one screw is missing on the back cover plate. Nothing that will prevent you from savoring one of the Gibson's finest solidbody guitars (edit: sold!).

 Gibson Firebird headstock 1964

Lyre tailpiece, Gibson Deluxe Vibrola, 1964 Firebird V

Gibson Reverse Firebird V, 1964

Gibson Firebird pickguard, 1964 V

1964 Gibson Firebird V guitar 

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