This clean vintage 1960 Gibson GA-20T Ranger guitar amp with tweed covering came through the shop last year. I'm always a vintage Gibson guitar amp buyer but I especially love the GA-20 amplifiers. Please contact me here to sell a vintage Gibson

"Gibson GA-20T Ranger with built in Tremolo - Clear, clean tones with solid, undistorted response plus a wonderful built in tremolo - that's GA-20T, a favorite of professionals and students. Can easily handle three instruments and microphone...." -- 1960 Gibson catalog - side note: whoever wrote this clearly never played a GA-20T. It's mostly thick, fat, crunchy tone with little clean headroom.  

Make and Model: Gibson GA-20T Ranger

Year: 1960. Speaker code 220950 (50th week of 1959), output transformer code 166937 (37th week of 1959.

Specifications: Single 12" Jensen, twin 6V6 power tubes in push pull figuration. Tremolo available with footswitch.

Originality: Excellent! The all important output transformer and original speaker with original cone are present. We've updated the filter capacitors as well as a few capacitors in the tremolo section.

Condition: Very good. This one has been lightly played but never abused.

Playability: Killer! This amp produces fat, thick, saturated guitar tone. Whoever wrote the description clear had never played one. Thick tweed Deluxe with a little less compression.

NotesI buy every clean GA-20T Ranger I can find. They will make you forget about pay 2.5x the price for a comparable Fender Deluxe from the same year.

1960 Gibson GA-20T Ranger tweed vintage guitar amplifier

Vintage 1960 Gibson guitar amp tweed

Gibson GA-20T Ranger chassis, circuit, Jensen speaker

Jensen speaker date code 1960 220951

output transformer, power transformer, 1960 Gibson GA-20T Ranger amp

vintage Gibson Ranger guitar amp

John Shults

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