This vintage 1956 Silvertone 1382 electric guitar, also branded as the Kay Thin Twin in a different finish, came through the shop a few years ago. I'm always a vintage Silvertone guitar buyer but I especially love the single cutaways 1382/Thin Twin guitars from the 1950s. Please contact me here to sell a vintage Silvertone guitar

The Silvertone 1382 is an iconic 1950s electric guitar manufactured by Kay and distributed through the Sears catalog. The 1382's set neck, unique blade style pickups and aesthetically pleasing sunburst finish over figured Maple makes it a fine collectible and playable instrument. Kay began producing this guitar in 1953 as the Thin Twin in a natural finish with a tiger stripe figured celluloid pickguard. Kay chose Jimmy Reed to market the guitar as his signature instrument.

This 1956 Silvertone 1382 was purchased from the son of the original owner and has been wonderfully preserved since it was purchased and forgotten in the 1950s. It is completely original except for the buttons on the tuners. The original case too is in great condition with a light layer of patina that I chose leave. The neck is straight and the action is low with plenty of room to lower the bridge if necessary. Many of the Thin Twin guitars require neck sets and fretboard planes in order to be playable but this one required neither. It plays just as it should with the original neck set and frets. All electronics are original and function properly. The lacquer is clean and unfaded as well.

This clean, original Silvertone 1382 comes with the original faux alligator skin case as well as the original quarter inch cable. The matching 1956 Silvertone 1333 amplifier that came with the guitar is also available and includes the original door stop tremolo foot switch and is in similarly clean condition (edit: sold!)

Vintage 1950s Silvertone electric guitar cherry sunburst

Silvertone music note engraved shield pickguard, 1950s guitar

Silvertone guitar headstock 1950s 1382

Vintage Silvertone electric guitar 1950s

Kluson single line 3+3 tuners, 1956 Silvertone 1382

1950s Silvertone 1382 guitar and amp combo

John Shults

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