This vintage 1955 Gibson ES-150 archtop electric guitar came through the shop a few years ago. It's a fine example of a vintage Gibson archtop electric with single P-90 style pickup. I'm always a vintage Gibson guitar buyer but I especially love the electric guitars from the 1950s. Please contact me here to sell a vintage Gibson guitar

"... The body of the ES-150 is 17" wide and 21" long, the same size and shape as the L-5. This guitar features the famous Gibson streamlined neck with easy play action for instant response, and in every respect is equipped with parts of the finest quality. Top grade Maple is used for the top, back and rim and the Gibson regular dark brown finish is highlighted on the top by rich golden sunburst shading."  Gibson catalog, 1950 

Make and Model: Gibson ES-150

Year of Manufacture: 1955, FON prefix "W"

Specifications: 17" wide top, 24 3/4" scale, single P-90 Condition: Very good with attractive wear and aging including finish checking throughout. Some light flaking on the back likely from the case. The neck is straight and neck angle is proper. The frets show wear from being played but is playable as is. The electronics are in proper working condition. There is a strap button added to the heel.

Originality: All original except for replacement pickguard and tuner buttons. Felt added to pickguard mounts for stability.

Notes: This vintage Gibson ES-150 archtop electric guitar comes from a local jazz player and friend of the TVG. He's played it over 150 nights and it's never let him down. We love the lightly aged aesthetic that is unmistakably vintage Gibson. The original P-90 is warm and lively. We're confident you'll love this killer 1955 Gibson ES-150 (edit: sold!)

Vintage 1955 Gibson ES-150 electric guitar

Gibson guitar headstock with finish checking 1950s

Gibson archtop electric guitar 1950s

1955 Gibson ES-150 archtop electric guitar

No line Kluson tuners 1955 Gibson ES-150 guitar

1950s Gibson guitar

John Shults

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