"LG-2 Flat Top Guitar...The deep red Mahogany on the back, rim, and neck is highlighted by the bright golden sunburst shading on the top which blends into the surrounding brown finish." -- Gibson catalog, 1950

Make and model: Gibson LG-2

Year: Likely 1947 or 1948. No visible factory order number. Low logo placement. Open back tuners.

Specifications: X style top bracing, Spruce top, Mahogany back, sides, and neck, 14 1/2" wide body. Nut width = 1 23/32", neck depth at the 1st fret = 0.94", 24 3/4" scale length. Action at the 12th fret = 3/32" bass side, 2/32" treble side with 4/32" saddle height above the full height bridge.

Playability: Excellent. This guitar plays like a professional instrument should and needs no repair or adjustment.

Condition: Very good. The finish is remarkably clean for a vintage Gibson but shows evidence of age with finish checking, some scratching on the back, and a few repaired cracks on the rim.

Originality: All original except 6 plastic tuner buttons (original tuning machines), bridge pins, saddle, and strings. All other parts are original to the guitar including the rare firestripe pickguard, nut, bridge, etc.

Notes: This is a very clean and professionally playable example of an immediate post-war Gibson LG-2. It also has some rare features including the attractive firestripe pickguard, low on the headstock Gibson logo, and an interesting looking top that's likely not Sitka. It's a very fine sounding example and a supremely playable one as well. I'm confident you'll love this clean 1947 Gibson LG-2 (edit: sold!)

Vintage 1947 Gibson LG-2 acoustic guitar

Vintage 1947 Gibson LG-2 acoustic guitar

Firestripe pickguard Gibson LG-2 guitar

Headstock, Gibson silk screen logo

Open back tuners 1947 Gibson LG-2

Cloth rim supports, solid rims, 1947 Gibson LG-2

Neck block, factory order number, vintage Gibson guitar

John Shults

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