This vintage Martin 00-28 acoustic guitar from 1929 came through the shop a few years ago. I'm always a Martin guitar buyer but I'm especially looking for 1920s and 1930s Martin acoustic guitars. Please contact me here to sell a vintage Martin guitar

Martin's style 28 became a very popular trim level for the company after its introduction in 1870. The 00 body size (14 1/8" wide at that time) was considered large compared to the parlor style guitars popular in the 1920s. 1929 marked an important year for Martin guitars as a result of their increasing the top thickness about a 128th of an inch to counteract the pull of steel strings.

This CF Martin 00-28 received a serial number on the neck block on December 20th, 1928 but wasn't completed until April 4th, 1929. It's in perfect playing condition and has all the grand piano tone these guitars are known for. The original steel string bracing and light construction have stood the test of time wonderfully. Repairs include a neck reset with bone saddle, TJ Thompson ebony pyramid bridge, original bar frets shimmed and dressed, 3 short back cracks repaired, original nut filled and recut, replacement set of aged Waverly oak leaf tuners. There was a short area of purfling on the back near the treble bottom edge missing and replaced. There are some light scratches on the top as well as a scratched in "to:" and "from:" on the bass side upper bout. The original ivory bridge pins, ivory nut, one set of original Waverly tuners with one missing post, and hard shell case are included. We're confident that you'll love the tone and playability as much as we do.

Vintage Martin 00-28 1929 original case

Vintage 1920s 1930s Martin acoustic guitar

Vintage 1930s Martin acoustic guitar Rosewood

Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, 1929 Martin 00-28

CF Martin & Co stamp back of headstock, 1920s 1930s Martin guitar

Oak leaf engraved Waverly tuners, 1929 Martin 00-28

Slot headstock, 1929 Martin 00-28 acoustic guitar

Herringbone purfling 1929 Martin 00-29

John Shults

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