Fender Jazzmaster Fiesta Red 1963


This 1963 Fender Jazzmaster has a very rare factory applied Fiesta Red custom color finish over Sunburst! It's an uncommon configuration that I've seen a few other examples of from the same year. This example is a fantastic player on a very careful refret from Holger Notzel. 

Year: 1963. Serial number "L19047", neck heel ink stamp "4SEP63B" (4 = Jazzmaster model, SEP = September, 63 = 1963, B = standard neck width 1 5/8"), volume potentiometer code "304 6237" (37th week of 1962) and the tone potentiometer code is "304 6320" (20th week of 1963). 

Measurements: 7.6 lbs / 3.45kg total weight. The neck measures 1.65" / 42mm wide at the nut, 0.80" deep at the 1st fret, and 0.96" deep at the 12th fret. The neck pickup reads 7.94k ohms and the bridge pickup reads 8.52k ohms.

Playability: Spectacular! The refret is very clean, the neck is straight, the truss rod functions as intended, and the electronics operate as intended. I've strung with 10-46 balanced tension strings. I've installed a .5 degree full neck shim and retained the original shims. It's the best playing Jazzmaster I've had. A Mastery bridge is included if you prefer to use that instead. 

Originality: All finish, parts, and solder appear to be original to this guitar except the frets, nut, and case (late 1960s Fender JM case). A 1/2" access channel was routed in the pickguard/body for the truss rod nut. The finish on the back of the neck is thin and has been wiped to a dull sheen. 

Condition: Excellent! It's a nice clean example with various nicks, dings, and scratches (all pictured to the best of my ability). There's a small chip out of rosewood next to the nut that's been glued back in place (also pictured).

Included: The original bridge cover, tremolo arm, and a late 1960s Fender offset case are included. 

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