1970 Echoplex EP-2 Tape Echo

1970 Echoplex EP-2 Tape Echo


The Echoplex EP-2 was the second of of Mike Battle's tape echo design manufactured by Market Electronics in Cleveland, OH. It featured a tube based amplifying design which was updated to a transistor style circuit at the very end of the run in 1970. 

Make and Model: Echoplex EP-2

Year: 1970

Service: I've just received this unit back from a full service with Jeff at Andrews Amp Lab in Atlanta, GA. No expense was spared bringing this unit back to full operating condition. Jeff installed a custom made replacement capacitor can, installed a bias trap circuit for optimum playability, and fully serviced the heads and tape path. This unit should operate nicely for decades to come with proper cleaning and normal use. 

Condition: Very good. The metal chassis exhibits typical oxidation but the often missing paper label inside is in good condition. The exterior shows evidence of having been stored away for decades.

Playability: Excellent! This tape echo operates exactly as intended with warm, thick, and full repeats. 

Notes: This Iconic Echoplex EP-2 tape echo rides again! It's had all necessary service and is ready for studio work. It's now in excellent playing condition. I'm confident you'll love this killer Echoplex EP-2!