1965 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst


I was finally able to buy this 1965 Fender Stratocaster from the nephew of its original owner in Brooklyn, NY after a 5 year pursuit. His uncle was the cousin of one of the members of the vocal group Dione and the Belmonts and may have played with them. I’m told there are pictures of the uncle playing the Strat live but have not been able to get copies of them yet. I have a scan of the original receipt for this guitar which was sold new on July 15, 1965 in Woodstock, NY. That was 10 days before Bob Dylan went electric at Newport.

Year: 1965. Serial number “L81247”, neck heel ink stamp “2MAY65B” (2 = Stratocaster model, MAY = May, 65 = 1965, B = standard nut width), potentiometer code “304 6516” (304 = Stackpole brand, 65 = 1965, 16 = 16th week of the year), pickups dated “6-2-65”. Pictures available.

Originality: All parts, finish, and solder are original to this guitar. Measurements: 7.6 lbs / 3.45 kg. Neck width = 1.69” (1 11/16”), 1st fret neck profile = 0.81”, 12th = 0.99”. The neck pickup reads 5.51k ohms, middle = 5.50k ohms, and bridge reads 5.48k ohms

Condition: Excellent! Perhaps the most significant consideration for condition would be that the case has a very musty smell from being closed up for decades. The guitar itself doesn't smell unless it's stored in the case for long periods of time. There is some finish wear on the back of the neck and light checking throughout the body. 

Playability: Very good! There is some fret wear in  frets two through five but I didn't find it to be significant enough to want to refret it. The neck is straight, truss rod works as intended, and the electronics work as intended. It's a nice playing example. 

Included: Original black Tolex/no logo (pre-CBS) case, original black leather strap, extra Eko branded white strap, hang tag, Fender brand polish cloth in wax paper, bridge cover, tremolo arm. The widow forgot to leave the original receipt in the case but I have a picture of it. I’m told they are mailing it to me.

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