1962 Fender Jazzmaster


This 1962 Fender Jazzmaster was made during the last few months of the slab Rosewood fretboard! It has had some changes in the past but retains all the most important parts including pickups, finish, and excellent playability. 

Year: 1962. Serial number 74xxx, neck heel date stamp "4MAY62B" (4 = Jazzmaster model, May, 1962, B neck width 1 5/8"). Check out How to date a Fender Jazzmaster

Measurements: 8 lbs 4 oz, neck depth at the first fret = .81", 12th fret = .99"

Modifications: Most of the wiring has been replaced with newer cloth wire, replaced tone pot and capacitor, replaced output jack, replaced rhythm/lead switch, small hole plugged in pickguard near output jack, replaced switch tip, new frets, and a bit of overspray on the back of the neck where the finish was worn.

Playability: Excellent! This one plays like a dream with perfect set up, straight neck and nice working truss rod, excellent working electronics, etc. It's ready for the stage or studio. 

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