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One of my favorite parts of selling vintage guitars and amplifiers is how a proper looking listing can help tell the story of an already interesting item. That's why I've invested so much time and money in professional photography, precise measurement tools, and a full marketing infrastructure to usher an incredible guitar to the very front page of people that buy guitars. I want my listings to fully and succintly describe, simultaneously inspire, and drive interest of both wishful onlookers and prepared buyers alike. 

Vintage guitar consignment, 1966 Gibson catalog thin line electric page

I'm happy to help if selling yourself doesn't work

Nobody likes to pay the middle man but sometimes it makes sense. Your vintage guitar or amplifier deserves to be shown to the widest audience of buyers possible but that's a bit difficult to do unless you're selling guitars all the time. Not only that, but buyers are looking for specific information on your guitar in order to feel confident enough in the item to pay thousands of dollars to a seller online. 

I'm inviting you to take advantage of more than a decade of industry knowledge, professional marketing skills, and a collection of passionate buyers that are currently looking to connect with vintage guitars like yours. The story of your vintage piece is important to them.