Gibson SG Standard 1968 Cherry Red


I purchased this killer 1968 Gibson SG Standard from its sole owner since about 1970! She played it in her rock band through the mid 1970s but gave up the rock and roll lifestyle shortly thereafter. She held on to her SG in hopes that she would pick it back up but never did. I was thrilled to find it in excellent playing condition with no breaks or repairs. 

Make and Model: Gibson SG Standard

Year: 1968. Serial number "908000", potentiometer code "137 6724" (137 = CTS, 67 = 1967, 24 = 24th week), faded Gibson logo on the pickguard, and witch hat style knobs. 

Measurements: 7.1 lbs / 3.2 kg overall weight. The neck profile measures 0.82" deep at the first fret and 1.02" at the 12th fret. The neck pickup measures 7.23k ohms and the bridge pickup measures 7.48k ohms.

Originality: All parts and finish are original to this guitar except the strings! There are no repairs evident anywhere. 

Condition: Excellent! The clear coat has ambered a bit and there are various nicks and scratches present. The painted on Gibson logo on the pickguard has mostly been worn away. 

Playability: Excellent! The neck is straight, truss rod works as intended, the frets have very little wear, and the electronics operate as intended. 

Included: Original hard shell case. 

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