Gibson Les Paul TV 1958


This vintage Gibson Les Paul TV 1958 is a very early example of the new double cutaway Les Paul body style with updated bright yellow finish and celluloid pickguard. Apart from a headstock repair, the guitar is completely original and in fantastic playing condition. 

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Make and Model: Gibson Les Paul TV Model

Year: 1958. Serial number prefix "8" and potentiometer codes from the 39th week of 1958. Check out How to date a Gibson Les Paul

Interesting Features: Soap bar style P-90 with center mount plate mounted with only one screw underneath the dog ear cover. Double depth control plate relief cut with two plates and extra long screws. 

Measurements: Fat '58 neck profile and skinny frets! The neck profile measures 0.94" at the first fret and 1.00" at the 12th fret. The total weight = 7lbs 5 oz. 

Originality: All parts are original to the guitar. The headstock suffered a bad break and has been solidly repaired.

Playability: Excellent! The original skinny frets have some wear but still feel great. The neck is dead straight, the action is perfect, and the pickup is super lively. 

Notes: I'm thrilled to have another double cutaway Les Paul TV Model in the shop, but especially one from the first few months after the transition from the single cutaway. The Gibson Shipment Totals book by Larry Meiners lists only 429 Les Paul TV guitars shipped in 1958. This example from 1958 has some interesting transitional features including the soap bar style P-90 (center mount instead of under the dog ear cover) and an oddly double depth relief cut for the control plate on the back with double stacked plates. It's a stunning looking guitar but also a fantastic instrument that's a blast to play. 

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