Gibson Les Paul Junior 1958


I'm thrilled to offer this Gibson Les Paul Junior 1958 to the market for the first time since it was sold new. I purchased it from the daughter of its original owner. It's simply the cleanest Les Paul Junior I've ever seen. There is some light worming of the finish on the back of the guitar, but I think that's from the crumbled bits of the original tuner buttons. The only evidence of player wear I could find is some pick marks on the pickguard. 

Make and Model: Gibson Les Paul Junior

Year: 1958. Serial number 8 14xx (prefix "8" indicates 1958). Check out How to date a Gibson Les Paul

Measurements: 7 lbs 1oz total weight. Nut width = 1 11/16", neck profile at the first fret = 0.93", 12th fret = 1.01".

Originality: 100% except for replacement plastic buttons on original tuners. 

Condition: Unreal. There is some worming in the finish on the back of the body likely from laying on top of the crumbled bits of original tuner buttons. There is some light pick scratching on the pickguard. There is not fret wear.

Playability: Excellent! I've just completed a full cleaning and set up. I cleaned and lubricated the truss rod nut and it operates as intended. The neck is straight and there is no wear on the original frets. I cleaned the potentiometers and output jack; they operate as intended. 

Notes: I'm thrilled to have finally purchased this guitar after months of chatting with the daughter of its original owner! My inspection revealed that it was completely original throughout. I did find that the top plastic piece of the pickup bobbin has a corner cracked off, but the pickup operates as intended. It's underneath the cover so I don't anticipate it causing any problems. It's a blast to play if you don't mind being the first to put any playing wear on it! Even the original chipboard case is still structurally solid. I'm confident you'll love this guitar as much as I do.


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