Gibson Firebird 76 White 1977


Gibson introduced the Firebird '76 model as a sort of upgraded Reverse Firebird III with bicentennial inspired pickguard logo. The neck pickup is a typical Firebird mini humbucking pickup, but the bridge pickup is a Bill Lawrence design with both bobbins rotated 90 degrees on their side. The bridge pickup isn't mentioned in the 1977 catalog listing for the guitar, but neither is the fourth and most uncommon finish color: White. 

Make and Model:  Gibson Firebird '76

Year: 1977. Potentiometer code "137 7717" (137 = CTS, 77 = 1977, 17 = 17th week of the year. Serial number "62xxxx" which is a rather specific style to the white Firebirds at this time.

Measurements: Wide nut (1 11/16"), neck depth at the first fret = 0.80", 12th fret = 0.99". Total weight = 8 lbs 9 oz. 

Originality: I did not observe any changed parts, repairs, or modifications except that the strap button on the back of the body. 

Playability: Excellent! The neck is straight and the truss rod works as intended. There is wear in the original frets but I didn't find it to be enough to affect playability. I've cleaned the pots and jack and they operate as intended. It's a blast to play. 

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