Fender Jazzmaster 1963


This clean Fender Jazzmaster 1963 in Sunburst finish has just come from its original owner outside of Chicago, IL! It's completely original throughout and is in spectacular playing condition.

Make and Model: Fender Jazzmaster

Year: 1963. Neck heel ink stamp "4JAN63B", bridge pickup cavity pencil date "11/62", tone potentiometer date code "304 6309" where 304 = Stackpole, 63 = 1963, 09 = 9th week. Check out How to date a Fender Jazzmaster

Measurements: 8lbs even total weight. The neck profile measures 0.82" depth at the first fret and 0.99" depth at the 12th fret. 

Originality: 100%. I've installed replacement foam under the pickups for proper pickup height and full pocket neck shim for a perfect set up. The original foam and neck shims are in the case. 

Playability: 100% like a brand new guitar. The frets are unworn, the neck is straight, the truss rod works perfectly, and all electronics work like new. 

Condition: Excellent! There is some buckle rash on the back of the body as well as a 1" blemish in the belly cut likely from reacting from the cable. There are various other nicks and scratches but very minor. 

Notes: This vintage Fender Jazzmaster 1963 has survived in amazing original condition. It's been tucked away inside its case for decades. The original owner played it a bit in a high school band but put it away after the rest of life became more important. I'm confident you'll love it as much as I do. 

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