1965 Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red Metallic

1965 Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red Metallic


This vintage 1965 Fender Jaguar guitar in original custom color Candy Apple Red Metallic has just come in from the original owner! It's in spectacular playing all original condition with its original hard shell case and bridge cover. 

Make and Model: Fender Jaguar

Year: 1965. Neck heel date stamp "1MAY65B" (1 = Jaguar model, MAY = May, 65 = 1965, B = 1 5/8" nut width). Serial "L97xxx". Volume potentiometer code "137 6518" indicating CTS manufacturer, 1965, 18th week. Check out How To Date A Vintage Fender Jaguar Guitar.

Originality: All parts original except the foam! I replaced the shrunken/hardened original foam underneath the pickups and on the bridge mute. I'm currently using a 1 degree full neck pocket shim but the original shims are still with the guitar.

Condition: Excellent. The original Candy Apple Red Metallic is in fantastic shape but shows some edge chipping on the headstock. There are two marks from a coily cable on the back of the body. 

Playability: Spectacular. I've set up so many Jaguars by this point that I think I could do it in my sleep. This one has a perfect working truss rod, straight neck, excellent original frets, good neck angle, proper bridge height with downward tension, and even a working bridge mute.