1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior


This 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior has all the vibe and mojo of a great vintage guitar but plays like a dream! It still had the Kalamazoo, MI made Gibson flat wound strings with orange silk wraps on it when it came in. 

Make and Model: Gibson Les Paul Junior

Year: 1959. Serial number 925xxx. Check out How to date Gibson Les Paul guitars.

Measurements: Weight = 6lbs 12oz, neck depth at the first fret = .92", depth at the 12th = .98"

Breaks, Repairs, or Mods: None!

Originality: 100% no excuses

Finish: All original. Plenty of checking, edge wear, various nicks and scratches. 

Playability: Excellent! I've just had the original frets dressed. The neck is straight, truss rod functions as intended, and I've just cleaned the potentiometers and output jack.  

Badass original case? You got it. Killer looking pin striping on the original chipboard case at no extra charge. The body area hinge is broken off the case (typical).


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