1953 Fender Deluxe 5B3


Tops in style and beauty, excellent mechanical construction, beautiful striped linen covering, 12″ Jensen Concert Series, top mounted chrome plated chassis, 3 input jacks, tone and volume control. Excellent tone and volume, outstanding in its price class.” — Fender catalog, 1953

Make and Model: Fender Electric Instrument Co, Deluxe~Amp, 5B3 circuit

Year: 1953. Serial 7208. Potentiometer codes: “304252” (52nd week of 1952), speaker code “220110” (10th week of 1951).

Specifications: ~12 watts output, two 6SC7 preamp tubes, matched pair 6V6 power tubes, 5Y3 rectifier tube. One 12″ Jensen P12R speaker.

Originality: 100% original condition except for fresh filter capacitors, grounded power cord, and vintage RCA rectifier tube. All original parts included.

Condition: Excellent, near mint.

Playability: 100%. My amplifier technician and I were pleased to find that all the important coupling capacitors performed as intended with no leaking voltage. It sounds divine and even the original Jensen performs at 100%.

Notes: Clean clean clean! This tweed Deluxe has clearly been nicely preserved in a closet for the past couple of decades. It's likely that the dead original rectifier tube was the reason this beauty wasn't played much (at all?). I'm confident you'll love this super clean example of a '53 Fender Tweed Deluxe!

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