1934 National Style 1 Tricone Wiggle Border


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The National – Spanish Guitar – Style 1 …. in no other instrument will be found such rare beauty of tone and astonishing power and volume. It provides the player with a perfect medium for the complete expression of his artistry; and is constructed to give years of service under the most exacting conditions.” — 1929 National String Instruments catalog

Make and Model: National Spanish Guitar Style No. 1 (with hand engraved wiggle border)

Year: 1934. Serial S5054.

Specifications: Tricone German Silver body, round neck, factory radiused Ebony fretboard.

Originality: All parts original including the cones.

Condition: Very good. This one appears to have been played hawaiian style with a slide and a nut riser since there is no fret wear. There is plenty of playing wear and scratching on the body. There is one repaired crack on the treble side wing of the headstock near the B tuner

Playability: Excellent! It has just received a professionally executed neck reset so it has proper action throughout the fretboard. This is one of the rare late examples with a factory radiused fretboard as well as the hand engraved wiggle border on the body. It’s a lovely sounding example with good neck relief and intonation.

NotesImagine finding a rare roundneck tricone National guitar tucked away in the closet of your father-in-law’s house while preparing it for sale after his passing. That’s exactly how this rare beauty was uncovered after untold decades of obscurity. I was able to acquire it in original, unrepaired condition from the son-in-law and was thrilled to hear it for the first time after the neck reset. The power and volume is something to behold but the clarity and sweetness of this example is otherworldly. I’m confident you’ll love this rare 1934 National Style 1.5!

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