Where to sell Gibson guitars: 1959 Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck Guitar in Cincinatti, Ohio

John Shults

Posted on May 06 2021

Where to sell Gibson guitars

Where to sell Gibson guitars? Check out True Vintage Guitar! If you have a guitar that I'm looking for, then I will stop at nothing to be the buyer for it. I'm thrilled to be the next owner of this 1959 Gibson EDS-1275 double neck guitar. A gentleman in Cincinatti, Ohio recently inherited a house from his uncle after he passed away. He knew his uncle was a musician and remembered him playing a Gibson guitar when he was younger. He found this 1959 Gibson EDS-1275 in the house and was looking to sell his Gibson guitar. I'm glad he found me. I have been looking for a double neck Gibson just like this for a long time!

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Gibson introduced the EDS-1275 model "Double Twelve" in 1958 as their first double spanish style electric guitar. It features a 12 string neck on top of a 6 string neck, both necks with two humbucking pickups, both with their own master volume and tone, pickup selector, and a three position selector switch to change the output from one neck to the other or both necks at the same time. 

What makes this guitar special is not necessarily that there are two necks available to the player at the same time. The most interesting part is the style of construction which Gibson never duplicated for other models. It features a carved solid Spruce top, hollow body, and flat Maple back. The thick Spruce top and lack of sound holes cuts down on the feedback that hollow body electric guitars are known for, but still adds to the rich tonal complexity not found in other electric guitars. 

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Where to sell Gibson guitars 1959

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