I received a question on Instagram last week asking "Where can we find out more about our guitars? Websites? Forums?" There are some great websites and forums about vintage guitars out there but I think that you are better off building your vintage guitar library! Here is one book recommendation for those interested in vintage Fender electric guitars, Fender electric bass guitars, and fender amplifiers! Check out Martin Kelly, Terry Foster, and Paul Kelly's Fender: The Golden Age 1946-1970 .

My copy offender: the golden age 1946-1970

The depth of the collection of vintage Fender guitars and amplifiers featured in this book is unrivaled! Not only that, but the authors walk the reader through the history and background of each new model that Fender came out with since the beginning of the company in 1946. The book is broken down into short sections on each new model. You can read straight through or take a few minutes to read about the model you're interested in at that moment.

The back of my copy of fender: the golden age 1946-1970

The currently available edition of this book has an updated cover with a beautiful shot of a late 1950s Fender Telecaster, late 1950s Fender Stratocaster in Blond, and a stunning 1958 or 1959 Fender Jazzmaster also in Blond finish with Ash body. I highly recommend this book to any guitar player. You (or your guitar player!) will find tons of newfound inspiration and passion for your gear after reading about the history and checking out priceless collectable Fender guitars and amplifiers.

You can click on either image to link to Amazon to purchase the book. I'm using the Amazon Affiliates program so while I don't personally sell the book, I will receive a little kickback for connecting you with it. You'll pay the same low price on Amazon and get free shipping if you're a Prime member.

Are you looking to sell your vintage Fender guitar or amplifier? I'm always looking to buy clean vintage guitars. You can reach out to me here at the Sell My Vintage Guitar page of my website.

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