Looking for a good book suggestion for Father's Day? If your dad likes vintage Fender Telecaster guitars then here is an idea for you. I've been building my vintage guitar library for the past couple of years and it's proved an invaluable resource for questions that aren't easily answered on forums or other internet sites.   The Fender Telecaster: The Detailed Story of America's Senior Solid Body Electric Guitar (http://amzn.to/2sGVi0m) is probably my favorite of the currently available books of vintage Fender Telecaster guitars. This one has been on my night stand for months. It's chock full of great information that's not available elsewhere but not so daunting of a book to read. It's got a great section in the middle of a few full color pages with pictures of some of the rarest Telecasters ever made. Much of the information that's available online about vintage Fender Telecaster guitars came from this book. I highly recommend it!    
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