I love watching youtube videos and finding within them little vintage gems that somehow don't get mentioned in the comments.  This video was recorded by KEXP in Seattle at the 2012 Pickathon:

That is Brad Barr of the Barr Brothers playing a beautiful 1951 Gibson J-45.  I think that this is where the J-45 really shines.  The mid-range rumble is just about perfect for the singer-songwriter types.  

The fact that the guitar is a beautiful work of art and has played 62 years of wonderful music is what begs the songwriter to do what he or she does best.  I get that feeling when I play these old Gibsons.  I want to play that guitar just because of what is, how it looks and how it sounds.  I am a better guitar player because the instrument begs me to play it

From a GuitarInternational.com interview with Brad:
"I have a J-45 from 1951 that is the sweetest sounding acoustic.  It has a great midrange and a real growl...."
Maybe you have been there before when pen, paper, a bottle of whisky and 3 and a half hours produce nothing but balled up paper in a trash can.  You decide that your done writing tonight because its 1:30 in the morning you aren't really feeling it anyway.  You start playing your favorite chord progressions and licks just because that guitar feels and sounds so good.  After a minute or two you modify that chord progression a mumble a melody without any words.  The next thing you know you are belting out a strong chorus from your couch when you notice the sun peeking through your window.  You've just spent the whole night writing that song but you didn't realize it because it just had to come out.

I don't know if this has been Brad's experience but there is something about a big rumbly Gibson jumbo.  Here are some shots of my current J-45 lineup:

Oops, that J-50 just sneaked in there.  In order they are '46, '43, '54 and '55.  They are all so sweet and have their own special nuances.  They are certainly guitars worthy of staying up all night just to spend time with them.


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