Are you wondering what your vintage acoustic guitar, vintage electric guitar, or vintage amplifier might be worth? If your cherished heirloom was stolen or damaged, how would you prove to the insurance company what it might be worth? I'd like to help put your mind at ease. My affordable appraisal service can provide you and your insurer with a properly researched document that will determine the make, model, year of manufacture, originality and condition estimate. Furthermore, this document will provide valuable insight into the value of your guitar in the open market. My unbiased opinion of the market value for your vintage piece is based on real industry experience and sales. If the unthinkable happens to your piece or collection, my appraisal will be there qualify your insurance claim.

Click the link to my Appraisal Page and get a quick and easy appraisal. Take some well lit pictures of your guitar and email them to me so I can evaluate your instrument. Your appraisal document will come as a digital copy (PDF Document).

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