Vintage Guitar and Amp Recently sold

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Posted on May 11 2016

Vintage Guitar and Amp Recently sold
Recently sold at True Vintage Guitar: 1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb-Amp and 1970 Fender Competition Mustang. What an incredibly clean pair! The vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb came in locally from a gentleman who purchased it brand new in 1967. He used it to amplifier his combo organ in a band for only a year or so. It's in stunning original condition with footswitch and cover. I think I'd be too scared to play it even if I could keep it. 1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb A14545-005 The vintage Fender Mustang in Competition Red came from the friend of the original owner out of Arkansas. He said his friend always intended to learn to play the guitar on it but never got around to it. The guitar was in similarly clean condition with almost no faded in the Candy Apple Red Metallic finish. The neck was dead straight and it had almost no fret wear to speak of. 1969 Fender Mustang Competition-039 I'm always looking to buy vintage Fender Deluxe Reverbs and vintage Fender Mustangs! Do you have one for sale? Contact me here at my buying page. Send pictures and any information you have so I can check it out.

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