Vintage Fender Jazzmaster Guitars - 1960 and 1961

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Posted on April 19 2017

Vintage Fender Jazzmaster Guitars - 1960 and 1961
We're always looking to buy vintage Fender guitars, especially Jazzmasters. Contact me here if you're looking for where to sell a vintage Fender guitar such as a Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Stratocaster, Telecaster, and many more. Here are a few that we've had in the past! Fender's Jazzmaster model debuted in 1958 with a radical offset waist body and gold anodized pickguard. The new design was aesthetically pleasing but the innovations didn't stop there. The Jazzmaster also featured a brand new bridge design that in some ways resembled the arched top guitars that were popular for Jazz players. Not only that, but the tremolo design was revolutionary as well. This tremolo operated very smoothly but also allowed for tuning stability and a stop block if necessary. Finally, the Jazzmaster's pickups were also a proprietary new design: the wide and flat bobbin. We sold this vintage Fender Jazzmaster made in 1960 last year. The guitar came from the widow of the original owner after her husband passed years before. She said her late husband played the guitar in a military band in the early 1960s but largely stopped playing after losing a finger in an accident. She couldn't remember him playing it after the accident so the guitar sat in its case in the closet for decades. We gently cleaned the guitar and set it up for modern playing. This was an extremely fine instrument. We are always looking to buy vintage Fender Jazzmaster guitars.     This Fender Jazzmaster made in 1961 came to us from the original owner. He received the guitar as a young teenager with dreams to play electric guitar in a big band setting. That never really worked out for him so the guitar sat unplayed for a long time. He recently decided to go abroad and was looking to downsize his stuff. The guitar was in excellent shape when it arrived and needed nothing but gentle cleaning and adjustment. This too was an extremely fine instrument worthy of the finest players.     We're obsessed with vintage Fender guitars from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, can you tell? We're always looking to buy more.  Contact me here if you're looking for a vintage Fender guitar buyer!

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