Many of True Vintage Guitar's best customers are professional musicians. Life on the road can be tough but each new city means a chance to find new gear. If your tour brings you through Alabama, please make an appointment to view the latest vintage guitars and amplifiers we have available. We can also arrange a private showing and bring a selection of gear for you to demo at your venue, tour bus, or hotel. Browse the inventory and decide which pieces you want to try out. Call 205-913-1084 to schedule a visit with the gear you like at the venue you'll be playing. I can bring the pieces you're interested in plus a selection of other vintage gear to check out. I'm familiar with the venues and can set up a private showing so you don't have to drive all over town after a long night on the road. Have your tech look over the guitar or amp before purchasing so you don't have to take a risk on it. I've had the pleasure of meeting and showing gear to several artists at the local Birmingham concert venues: Oak Mountain Amphitheater, BJCC Concert Hall, Alabama Theater, Workplay Theater, and Iron City. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing one of my guitars on stage making music.
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